Dr. Oracle – Marcus Pierson, Head Writer: A native of Washington, DC who still works in the city and lives in the Maryland suburbs. By day working as a web site developer, he also does graphic design and illustration projects on the side – just not many or as often as he’d like. When not working or drawing, he enjoys spending time with his wife, three kids and Bixby the Wonderdog. As a long time comic book reader and illustrator, Marcus enjoys the comic book industry and pop culture in general. This blog is his main method of staying in-touch with this world filled with so many imaginative and creative individuals.

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The House of Bella and Baron – Gary Raymond Fry, Jr., Contributor: A native of Prince George’s County, Maryland, Gary has worked professionally in the Entertainment Technology and Performing Arts Industry for two decades, primarily in the operations, management, design, and academic fields. Gary currently serves at Prince George’s Community College as an Assistant Professor of Communication and Theatre; Gary also serves as the Academic Theatre Coordinator of Performance and Entertainment Technology Studies for Prince George’s Community College.

Gary’s had the pleasure to work with many performing arts organizations over the past twenty years as a freelance artist. Recently, he has worked for The Madcap Players and The National Ballet Company.

Under the moniker, The House of Bella and Baron, Gary works as a blogger, commentator, and analyst for esoteric subject matter, pop and geek culture, communication mediums, and global affairs.

While Gary has made his career in Entertainment Technology and the Performing Arts, he also holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Management, Humanities, and English. Gary holds a Masters Degree in Communication Arts with his work focused in Theatre, Journalism, and Public Relations.

When Gary is not involved in higher education, mounting a live performance, or pontificating and researching his principal choice of subject matter he spends time with his hobbies as a tabletop gamer, video gamer, science-fiction and fantasy fan, gardener, playwright, and music enthusiast. He makes his home in the urban sprawl between Washington D.C. and Baltimore with his two dogs, Bella and Baron.

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