Steampunk Disney Characters

A big collectible for folks that visit the Disney resorts often, are the pin sets that are available at the various Disney venues. I’d ignored the pins, being more distracted by the magic & wonderment that is DisneyWorld until my last trip in October. With a kid in tow, my pace through the park had […]

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The King’s Birthday

August 28th is Jack Kirby’s birthday, he would’ve been 91 years old today. Jack was and is still the King. His creations are having impact on both DC and Marvel Comic universes today and you still still see his influence artwork today. DC’s Final Crisis deals heavily with Kirby’s New Gods, something that I’m enjoying […]

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Star Wars – The Mighty Marvel Way

Back in the day Marvel Comics was the license holder for Star Wars comic book. In-between the movies, fans could read about the further adventures of the Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie and the droids. These stories were sometime really cool, sometimes totally off the wall, and all completely not considered part of the Star Wars […]

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