The Harvey Awards 2009 Nominees

Here they are the Nominees for the 2009 Harvey Awards. The ceremony will be held at the 2009 Baltimore Comic Con this October. This year I’m going to make a better effort to check out the works of some of the nominees that I’m not familiar with. I’m glad to see All Star Superman getting […]

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The King’s Birthday

August 28th is Jack Kirby’s birthday, he would’ve been 91 years old today. Jack was and is still the King. His creations are having impact on both DC and Marvel Comic universes today and you still still see his influence artwork today. DC’s Final Crisis deals heavily with Kirby’s New Gods, something that I’m enjoying […]

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Tough Decade for Comics

CNN wrote up an interesting piece on the 1950’s and comic books.  The article’s been getting a high level of notice on their site today.  Since I’ve read a bit on that era this article didn’t really tell me anything new. I’m a geek who knows his history of the comic book medium. It did […]

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