Dogpark Geek | The Neverending Digression at Dragon Con 2016

Hello faithful followers and visitors. I’ve been quiet on here lately; its been a while since I last had a chance to sit down and write something of substance. Life happens and when blogging isn’t your full-time gig, it tends to get eaten by the other time munching needs of life.

However! More content is on the way. I already have the 3rd and final installment of my series on Adulting vs. Roleplaying written, I just need to edit it.


My blogging partner, Dr. Oracle, and I are traveling to Dragon Con this year. We plan on sharing our adventures, observations, and opinions during the trip. I hope you will visit us here at the Neverending Digression for what should be a content filled narrative of two geeks over 40 adventuring into the insanity of what has become known as Geek Mardi Gras!

Until then I bid thee love and merriment.

Coming next: The Neverending Digression at DragonCon 2016

Dogpark Geek is a series of articles on The Neverending Digression where The House of Bella and Baron examines his experiences and shares his opinions on being a grown-up participating in the geekier side of popular culture.

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