Tomorrow’s Future, Today | Elevated Buses

A couple months ago I was reading through the newspapers online and came across this article about the plans for an elevated bus being planned in China. The idea is essentially a bus that drives above traffic, depositing passengers at various elevated platforms and stations throughout the city. Idea is kind of scary and cool at the same time.

The idea also seemed familiar. I dig reading through old Popular Science magazines, especially since I found some old copies of my Dad’s during my folks’ last move. After seeing those I have a habit of looking up other similar magazines from the 40’s-60’s online. Sure enough while browsing around I came across this elevated bus idea, in a Japanese kid’s science magazine. In this magazine it was called the Dinosaur Truck. I can’t read Japanese at all, but looking at the pictures the similarities in the concepts are there. Either way its a fun excuse for including some these cool images on the blog.

Elevated Bus Article, Daily Mail

Japanese Science Magazine images from Dark Roasted Blend blog

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