ND Video | Marvel’s Doctor Strange | Second Trailer

This trailer is actually a few days old since it was presented over the weekend at San Diego Comic Con. I’ve been hesitant to post it because I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I love the casting choice of Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Dr. Stephen Strange. Dr. Strange has long been a character I’ve enjoyed reading, from the reprints of the old Stan Lee & Steve Ditko comics to the most current series that is being published now. I think the trailer looks good and the effects are definitely there conveying the dimension bending aspect of Dr. Strange stories. But on the other hand it doesn’t feel right to me.

The martial arts feel of Dr. Strange’s allies and nemesis’ in action doesn’t have the feel of the comic books to me. The special effects of reality bending are really well done on one hand, but on the other hand they don’t seem much different than we’ve seen in movies like Inception.  And while I get what is they are trying to accomplish the wow factor isn’t there for me. Dr. Strange is always about the weird and strange, I wanted to see more of the weird. I wanted to see odd creatures and worlds that bend the senses. I’m putting a lot on a trailer which shows a fraction of a larger film, I know this. I”m just saying this peek didn’t satisfy the way so many other trailers have over the past weekend. Mr. Cumberbatch looks damn cool as Dr. Strange though.

Check out the trailer yourself, let me know if I’m being too harsh.

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