Elvis Week: The TCB Oath

The TCB Oath and that cool TCB Logo. Elvis designed this logo, using a variation of the Captain Marvel lightening bolt. Evidently Captain Marvel Jr. was one of the King’s favorite superheroes. Elvis had this symbol everywhere. He had a patch made with it for his karate uniform, it adorned his cars, and he even handed out gold bracelets with the symbol to his boys in the Memphis Mafia. Along with the bracelet and entry into this inner circle of trusted dudes was the TCB Oath which reads as follows:

More self-respect, more respect for fellow man.

Respect for fellow students and instructors.

Respect for all styles and techniques.

Body conditioning, mental conditioning, meditation for calming and stilling of the mind and body.

Sharpen your skills, increase mental awareness, for all those that might choose a new outlook and personal philosophy.

Freedom from constipation.


All techniques into one.

Elvis Presley 8th

Applying all techniques into one.

The 8th that follows Elvis’ name signifies his level as an 8th degree black belt. It’s a pretty heavy little oath… the bit about constipation always gets me snickering though.


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