Steampunk Disney Characters

A big collectible for folks that visit the Disney resorts often, are the pin sets that are available at the various Disney venues. I’d ignored the pins, being more distracted by the magic & wonderment that is DisneyWorld until my last trip in October. With a kid in tow, my pace through the park had slowed down a bit so I had an opportunity to actually took  look at the pin designs and see what they were about. Some are limited in that they commemorate a particular event or holiday, others are more generic just featuring various characters from the Disney stable. I bought a few since there were a few that caught my fancy as a nice souvenir.

Now I’m actually seeing a set of these dang things that I’m tempted to go to ebay for so I don’t have wait until my next visit to the park. Disney has redesigned their characters in the steampunk tradition in a series called the Mechanical Kingdom and they look really cool, especially Black Pete!. I know I seem to back to Disney often in this blog. But what can I say, I’m a Disney fan.

There’s also apparently going to be a set of Vinyl figures fashioned after this series of character designs.

The Mechanical Kingdom (DisneyParks Blog)


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