Happy New Year

Here we are in the 2nd day of 2010. I’m going with calling the year Twenty Ten, to do otherwise just isn’t an economical use of one’s breath or screen real estate. Judging by my output last year, 2009 was a hell of a year for me that kept me often too busy to give much attention to this blog. I make no promises about this year, but as always I’ll check-in and write something up with the mood strikes and time allows.

Though this week there weren’t any new comic books on the shelf I had plenty stacked up to read through. I have to admit I’m getting serious comic book event fatigue. This is more a result of the back to back events set up by Marvel (Dark Reign along with Captain America: Reborn & Fall of the Hulks and the upcoming Siege Event, all with the concurrent events involving the space-centric characters) then what DC is doing. I’m enjoying the Blackest Night. I haven’t been reading all the 3 issue peripheral mini series. Mainly sticking to the Green Lantern books and main mini series. It’s way too late to try to catch up with this series, but if seeing DC superheroes go up against super zombie versions of heroes and villians you’ll dig it. Just wait for the trade paperbacks.

I have some big news that I’ll be sharing with the blogsphere in another week or two. In the meantime, if you haven’t already check out the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Its one of the few films I’ve had a chance to watch in the theatre this year and it was damned good.

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