Comic Book Reviews: Batman & Robin #1, Red Robin #1

It’s an all Batman comic book review extravaganza! I seriously have never been so enthusiastic or into Batman as I am currently.  I’ve always enjoyed Batman comics when it just stuck to classic mysteries or going up against one of the usual rogue gallery. Rarely did I find Batman events interesting and they often resulted in losing me as a reader. But the shake up in the Batman family resulting from Bruce Wayne’s death in Final Crisis and the following Battle for the Cowl mini series has set us up for some fresh and different Batman story lines.

Batman & Robin #1, DC Comics

Writer: Grant Morrison, Artist: Frank Quitely

batman_and_robin1We jump right into the action with this new series. Dick Grayson is now Batman picking up the mantle of his mentor and father figure. Damian Wayne, Bruce’s son from a night with Talia Ah Guhl is now Robin. Its funny how with these two the personalities are a reversal from previous Batman/Robin teams. With this pair Damian/Robin, in their conversations, is the darker and more intense of the twosome, while Grayson who turns-on a great Dark Knight bad-ass persona for the crooks and cops is a much lighter, easier going Batman when out of the public eye. Basically he’s still the original Robin and Nightwing we’ve grown up with but he knows how to play the part of Batman when needed.

This is a great issue. Grant Morrison gives us a straightforward, superhero action story. We get to see the new duo in action. We get a new Batmobile (that can fly!). And  some creepy new villains in the Circus of Strange, to boot. All in all fantastic. As a double bonus to me the artwork is turned in by Frank Quitely. I know everyone isn’t a Quitely fan, but I love his style. He and Morrison were a great team on the All Star Superman series, so to have them together again for the first issues of this new Batman & Robin series is awesome.

I’ve read it 3 times already. This book sets the stage for the new status quo in the Batman family. Morrison does a great job of capturing the characters personalities, the pacing of the story is nearly perfect, plus its just damned enjoyable.  4 1/2 out of 5 stars, only because I wish it was longer.

Red Robin #1, DC Comics

Writer: Chris Yost, Artist: Ramon Bachs

rr1This isn’t a creative team that I have much background with. I wasn’t familiar with either of their styles, so coming into this issue I didn’t have any expections. Actually going in I knew two things: I liked Tim Drake as Robin and I dug the Red Robin costume ever since I saw it back in Kingdom Come. Tim Drake is a young man whose dealt with a lot of loss. Losing his father, girl friend, and friends and now his adopted father. All this has taken a toll on Tim and he’s not doing well with it. Especially after he’d told he’s no longer Robin.

This first issue has a troubled Tim Drake, searching for Bruce Wayne through out Europe while taking time to deal with crime as he finds it. I enjoyed the storyline and the costume still kicks ass. Yost does a great job with the main character of the book, but I think characterization falls a part a bit with Damian. I mean he’s a dick in this comic like he is in the others, but the voice of the character just seemed off. The artwork was decent, it didn’t blow me away, but it told the story well. I wasn’t as bowled over by this issue as others were. I will get the 2nd issue, if because of the reveal on the last page of this book. 3 out of 5 stars.


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