C’mon Give David Letterman a Break

By now through the news networks and Interweb we’ve all heard the joke Letterman made about Sarah Palin’s daughter. Did it overstep the bounds, yeah it wasn’t Dave’s best moment. Even he admits that. Not only does he admit this but he’s clarified the joke (which isn’t good enough for some people) and apologized more than once. Even with the second apology, Sarah Palin and her family & folks seem to have reached a level of forgiveness towards Letterman. Don sums the situation up  and similar feelings to mine very well in his blog. But that hasn’t stopped some Right-Wingnut busy bodies from taking the offensive as if this was their personal vendata to deal with.

Already this week I’m seeing blogs crying out to sponsors to pull their business away from CBS, both the network and websites. I guess with the final goal of taking Letterman off the air for good. Damn, that’s pretty extreme for one off color joke… a joke… a few misspoken words that honestly harmed no one even if they did offend. Check out the Glass Ball blog and the level of energy and enthusiasm being put out to contact advertisers and have them remove support for Letterman specifically and CBS in general. I can only imagine what this blog and its followers could accomplish for a cause that actually had some importance.

I’m going to put out my own call, maybe I’ll write a sponsor or two using the information on Glass Ball to tell them cut Letterman a slack burger. Out of all the shows the guy does night after night, always making me laugh out loud like an idiot, its the least I can do.


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