Captain America News — He’s Coming Back

Comic news pages were alive with the news that Steve Rogers, the original Captain America will be returning from the dead this summer. For those out of the loop, Cap was gunned down on the stairs of a courthouse while  being hauled in for defying the US superhuman registration laws that were being enforced by his bud, Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Bucky Barnes, Cap’s sidekick from the WWII, who after overcoming the mental programming that comes with being a Soviet Cold War cyborg assassin takes up the mantle of Captain America.

Despite the ongoing debate on Bucky Cap’s use of a sidearm and his different costume, I’ve actually enjoyed the new Captain America. Seeing Bucky, who is a more than competant combatant, deal with filling the boots of Steve Rogers has been an entertaining ride. It really seems unfair to the Bucky character that the original Cap is returning so soon. The surface has only been scratched in regards to the story potentials the new Cap can bring forward.

I’m wondering honestly if Steve Rogers will take back the shield and resume his role as Captain America. Nothing has  been said that I can read for sure that he will be definitely taking back to take the Captain America mantle. Steve Rogers returning and his returning as Captain America are two seperate things.

Either way I’m anxious to see how they pull this off. This has been a fun year for comic books so far!


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