They Watched the Watchmen, and Opinion is Mixed

Well its being called everything from an epic to a total waste of time. I’m not surprised by the wide range of reviews for this film, I’d actually be disappointed if the film was well loved by everyone. Comic readers have some very strong feelings about the original comic book mini series. Watchmen is one of those stories you either love or you hate, I know few people that feel anywhere inbetween. The film should be the same way.

This isn’t a typical superhero comic book movie and anyone walking in thinking thats what they are getting is going to be really disappointed. Despite what people think about it the movie is already starting to pull in the bucks, having made $4.6 million from midnight showings alone. I’ll probably see it sometime next week, I’m looking forward to it since I’m in the camp that loves the source material. I’m guessing it will have a strong opening weekend, but word of mouth is going to decide how strong the legs are on this film.

Here is a sampling of the reviews out there:
Watchmen: Bam! Pow! Whack! ZZzz.. (Philip Kennicott, Washington Post)
Satire, spectacle and a big blue superbeing (Liam Lacey, The Globe and Mail)
Watchmen Lacks Imagination (Tom Charity,


One thought on “They Watched the Watchmen, and Opinion is Mixed

  1. It’s on the list. I would say I am a little more excited for this one than Star Trek, not sure I am buying the new Kirk….

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