Krispy Kreme Hatred

My country and doughnuts are two things that I love. Anyone who knows me will attest to this fact. I’m not saying these are the only things I love, far from the fact. I have a great love for my wife, son, and other family and friends. But I digress.

On November 4th, like a great many Americans. I voted in the big national election. It was a historic day, and I was proud to participate. After leaving my designated polling place, my darling wife informed me that our “I VOTED” sticker was redeemable for free coffee at Starbucks (which is good) and a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme (which is great). We’ve been married for over a decade now, and the dear woman indulges me more than she should. We cruised down Shady Grove Road, directly to the Rockville Krispy Kreme at Fallsgrove Shopping Center.

When we came up to the our local doughnut shoppe. We noticed the “Hot Doughnuts” red neon wasn’t shining and there was a car blockading the drive thru lane. On a good day the drive thru is of questionable convenience at this specific Krispy Kreme, since i often have to walk back into ye shoppe to get my order corrected or get replace the stone cold original glazed with the warm ones. So not daunted by this we pushed forward parking in front of the establishment to be confronted by a hastily written sign on the door that read “CLOSED – Out OF DONUTS”

Sonuvabitch, SONUVABITCH YOUGODDABESHITIN’ ME! I believe that sums up my response, since my son wasn’t present at the time my censor was definitely off. OUT OF DONUTS! How does a doughnut shop run out of its main product?? I mean you know you are giving away free doughnuts, how can you not guess you might need a few extra backs of doughnut mix. This was basically the straw that broke the camel’s back in regards to my relationship with this particular doughnut joint. This place has been going down hill since after the first couple months it was opened. The level of incompetence that I’ve experienced at this specific Krispy Kreme on Shady Grove Road, in Rockville over the years has been a compounding frustration that just came to a head on Election Day.

I’m not a regular doughnut eater, though my appearance and love of the product would make one assume otherwise. So getting some warm fried dough is a big deal to me, a special moment. One that has often been crapped on by this particular shop with bad service, repeatedly screwed up orders, or just other break downs in the functioning of a doughnut shop. Even the look of the shop has been progressively shabby especially in comparison to other KK shoppes that I’ve visit around this great country of ours. I’ve been to one of the two locations in Springfield, MO, it was a great experience. Glen Burnie, MD is home of the first Krispy Kreme that I’ve ever visited. That place was great, the day I went there was the first and only time I was given a hot, fresh, Glazed Chocolate Cake donut right off the line… it was awesome. Never had an awesome experience at my local KK, nope if anything its been mediocre to downright disappoint provoking anger. I honestly wish the place wasn’t here, I remember how excited I was when the place opened up. If I only knew what I know now.

So basically, screw’em. I’m not going to that KK any longer. Its just not worth it. I’ll take the extra time and go to the Fractured Prune at Rockville Town Center or Dunkin Donuts in Olney on 108. Both competent and well managed shops. If you haven’t had a Fractured Prune doughnut, you need to. Those things are heavenly. Might have to get a couple tomorrow… to help with the pain caused by Krispy Kreme on Tuesday.

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