Wizard of Oz sketches

I’ve been had a lukewarm attitude towards the comic book adaptations of new and old classics by Marvel. Even stories I’ve enjoyed in book form like Ender’s Game or The Stand, I haven’t been too excited about. Marvel however has found a story that I will enjoy thoroughly in comic book form, if even for the artwork alone. Marvel has released a few pages online from the upcoming Wizard of Oz sketchbook that will proceed the the adaptation series due in December. Skottie Young in the artist drawing this all ages book, and I gotta tell you I’m loving what I see.


I’m a big fan of L. Frank Baum’s stories both those in Oz and other fantastic lands he created. I hope this series takes off so that Marvel is motivated to adapt more of these stories. I’m ultimate wish would to be to have Baum’s The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus given the comic book treatment, but I’m guessing that’s asking a bit much. But I’m asking anyway!

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