Video Game Ramble

Ah yes, fall is upon us. Which means I’m done with being out of the house every weekend doing summer fun activities. Getting back to the video games that I love so much. Yah!


Last month I was given Spore for my birthday. I knew with all the noise fandom was creating, that EA would have to relent a bit on DRM rules they’d crippled this game with so I wasn’t too worried about that end of things. The game is fun, do I think it was worth the wait and all the hype? Definitely not. I enjoy making the creatures and some of the parts of the game leading up the space exploration stage are okay. But it hasn’t taken the top spot on my PC gaming list. I’d still much rather sit down and play Civ IV or Dawn of War. It was apparent from the start that EA was looking for this Spore game to be another gateway for an expansion explosion like The Sims and Sims 2 have been. The greed was apparent when they charged 10 bucks for the Creature Creator. Now this November 18th, the expansion train already rolls out of the station with The Creepy & Cute Parts Pack. This game has been in development FOREVER, any kind of eye balls, claws or horns should’ve already been in this game to bring an expansion this soon after launch just angers me.

There is a Space Adventures Expansion that adds more depth to the Space Exploration stage coming in Spring 2009 which I’m more excited about. It’ll probably cost 29.99 like the Sims expansions, but I actually see that adding something to the game play so I’ll probably swallow my pride and buy it.

Superhero MMOGs

Two big Superhero MMOGs are on the horizon. DC Universe Online is one of them. It will make the world of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman into an MMO environment for subscribers to enjoy. They’ve brought in great industry talent liek Writer Geoff Johns to write the game and legendary artist Jim Lee providing creative direction. But the big problem with this for me is the exact thing that should make so attractive to people, which is the DC Universe brand. I’m just guessing on this of course having not played it, but my assumption is we can’t all be Superman or the Flash. We could possibly be superheroes like them, but where is the fun in that when you are in a world where Superman already exists?

That’s where we get to the reason I’m more excited about the 2nd big Superhero MMOG contender, Champions Online. This is an online game based upon the paper and pencil rpg published by HERO Games, that has been around since the 80’s. My brother had this game and I loved playing it. What I liked the most about it was the point system used for character creation, it brought a balance to the power & skill level of the players. The characters and stories the game designers came up with the modules and add-on books were entertaining as well. This is a group of game designers who has always had an eye on bringing their game to the electronic gaming world. I remember seeing the character design screen for their never released PC game demonstrated at a comic book convention in the early 90’s. I just have more confidence is an online game with a solid RPG as its source material for character generation and game mechanics. I applied for the closed beta testing for Champions, so hopefully they’ll let me in.

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