Holy Mark-Up, Batman!

San Diego Comic-Con is over. And ebay is littered with sellers offering the Exclusive items culled from the convention’s expo floor. I’ve drooled over a fair share of it. I’m a sucker for exclusives. Hasbro and Mattel’s exclusives were amongst the top of the exclusive toy offerings that wanted. Fortunately Hasbro’s exclusives are always available from their online store and usually only debut at the Comic-Con. So convention go’ers get first stab at them, but the public can order them online. Imagine my disgust when I got an e-mail from Wizard Entertainment offering up some the “exclusives” at a marked up price. In the e-mail Wizard offered for sale a selection of Mattel, Hasbro, and Diamond Exclusives from SDCC. I thought this was cool until I checked the prices. 

I’m focusing specifically on the Hasbro toys since they are available still from the company. On Hasbro’s company store The Savage Land figure set is going for $29.99, not bad considering figures go for about 9.99 a pop retail. BUT as you can see in the image, Wizard is selling this set for 89.99! The Fin Fang Foom Builder action figure set of Hulk toys is going for 119.99 on Hasbro and its a whole 70 bucks more at Wizard.  Unreal.


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