Comic Book Review: Amazing Spider-Man #562-563, Final Crisis #2

Amazing Spider-Man #562-563 – Marvel Comics

Written by Bob Gale
Covers and Pencils by Mike McKone

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve bought an Amazing Spider-Man book. I’ve ranted a great deal on this blog and elsewhere about my displeasure with the giant cop out storyline that erased Peter Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane, his revealing his secret ID to the world, amongst other things. But what’s done is done. I had to at least read a few issues to see what has resulted from that black mark in modern comic history.

As I expected, I liked the results. I was never a fan of Peter Parker getting married to MJ, his revealing his identity was a stupid, stupid idea. Hell I don’t even like the idea of him being a part of the Avengers, too bad they didn’t erase that while they were butchering up his background. I love having Peter Parker as the loveable loser, scrapping for rent money, cracking wise while dealing with local NYC crooks and criminals. This two parter story with the introduction of the Bookie character, and coming back to the super villian hangout the “Bar With No Name” was awesome. The story was fun, both the Peter Parker storyline with him trying to find photo assignments after being black-listed by the current publisher of the Daily Bugle and the Spider-Man storyline where he tries to figure out who is placing bets on his crime fighting activity.

This is the kind of Spider-Man stories that I love. And I’m happy they’ve moved him to just one book. And I’m happy I didn’t even hear a mention of the Avengers or Skrulls in this book. So I’ll just chalk this up to making lemonade out of lemons….NO NO I hate how we got to this point, BUT I’m glad this is the type of Spider-Man book that Marvel is putting out. Damn it, just because I like this doesn’t mean I agree with what they did. I still feel guilty about enjoying these couple of issues, almost dirty.

Final Crisis #2 – DC Comics

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and covers by J.G. Jones

Okay, I liked the issue. I wasn’t sure about Final Crisis after reading #1, but this second issue really gets things moving. I only half paid attention to the Seven Soldiers groups of mini series a couple years ago, and didn’t even crack open any of the Countdown to Final Crisis issues. But jumping into this cold its only taken me 2 issues to get into it. Maybe I’ll pick up the past stuff for 50 cents a pop at a convention next year.

We’ve got Martian Manhunter’s funeral, time traveling bullets, the ongoing investigation of the New God Orion’s death by the a representative of the universal police the Alpha Corp, a group superior to the Green Lantern Corp. We also get a glimpse into the current superhero scene in Tokyo where Mr. Miracle is recruiting heroes to assist him in fighting the immergence of Darkseid’s forces on Earth. Loads of other great (return of Barry Allen) and some skin crawling scenes, some scenes are downright brutal (specifically the total beating of the Mad Hatter).This issue is down right dark to put it mildly. Once again DC really goes to the dark end of things for their summer event. A couple years ago we had DC going to the dark side in Identity Crisis where we dealt with issues of rape, murder of the innocent, and immoral use of powers.

While I enjoyed the writing and artwork is this issue and am looking forward to the next… I still have that voice in the back of my head asking why DC has to always go so dark in their storylines. Maybe they’ll get it out of their system when this Crisis ends. Meanwhile I’m squashing this goody-goody voice in my head and enjoying the ride.


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