Using Adobe Illustrator to Create Comics

I’d been thinking of using Illustrator or Flash as tools to “ink” online comic pages with really clean lines that can be achieved with vector image. I did a little searching around found a couple good resources that were helpful.  I thought I’d share them since my other technical lists have been so popular. If you have experiences or techniques to share please let me and the other readers know. Better yet, if you have an article on the topic let me know and I’ll feature it here.

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4 thoughts on “Using Adobe Illustrator to Create Comics

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  2. If you’re doing comics with Illustrator, and you happen to have a tablet (y’know, a Wacom or something), the “Blob Brush Tool” (in Illustrator CS4) is awesome. Instead of working with strokes, you work with shapes, so you can really get that tapered, ink-y look. It also merges them automatically (unless you switch tools/layers/colors/etc), which I like: It doesn’t create a million groups.
    I’m pretty decent with it in this regard, so “reply” if anyone needs tips 🙂

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