Quick Shot Reviews:Ultimates 3 #3, Thor #6, Fantastic Four #554

The Ultimates 3 #3 (Marvel Comics)

Writer: Jeph Loeb Art: Joe Madureira

The writing is terrible. The way the characters speak is just beyond cheesy. Loeb has this habit of having violence erupt for no real reason, almost just to serve the artist and opportunity for a solid page eating panel of them striking at each other. In the also Loeb written Hulk #1 we had Doc Samson lashing out at the Winter Guard for barely any reason and in this issue of Ultimates we’ve got Hawkeye and Wolverine just erupting into violence after a really unnecessarily harsh exchange that seemed totally baseless. I enjoy Madureira’s artwork, its fun to flip through the pages and see him drawing these characters. But honestly if I didn’t already have a subscription to this title I would’ve left it on the shelf after issue #1. This issue continues to focus on the murder of the Scarlet Witch, with Wolverine coming along to assist the Ultimates in solving her murder after relaying the affair he had with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch’s mother. It seems the Ultimate universe is going to follow the 616 universes tradition of having Wolverine every where and every when.

Thor #6 (Marvel Comics)

Writer: J.M. Straczynski, Penciler: Olivier Coipel

This series is going kind of slow for me… it’s like the Seinfeld show of comic books. It’s a comic book about nothing, some stuff happens but it isn’t really much of a story. The Asgardians and the middle America citizens of the area where Asgard resides are adjusting to one another. The Asgardians attend the town meetings, Donald Blake hears stories about the encounters some of the town folk have had with Asgardians, and then Thor makes some decisions about the revival of the rest of the lost Asgardians which makes for a cool cliffhanger. I enjoyed the art and writing, I guess I’m just getting a little impatient with the pace of things.

Fantastic Four #554

Writer: Mark Millar, Art: Bryan Hitch, Paul Neary

I dug everything about this Fantastic Four issue. I laughed at the beginning when we watch as Reed has to rescue the family from a failed time traveling vacation. I enjoyed Millar’s grasp of all the characters from the way Reed and Ben interacted throughout and our going back to a Johnny Storm character who is seeking different avenues for taking advantage of his celebrity. Bryan Hitch’s artwork is always incredible, I enjoyed his work on the Ultimates and I’m glad to be able to see his work so soon. Paul Neary, who I’m a long time fan of both his inks and penciling does a great job as always with Hitch’s pencils. The slight redesign of their costumes is a nice touch, especially the tweak of the “4”. Also the magazine format of the cover design and layout was entertaining, I’m curious if that is going to be a layout choice that sticks in future issues, I hope so.

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5 thoughts on “Quick Shot Reviews:Ultimates 3 #3, Thor #6, Fantastic Four #554

  1. I might just be being picky, but I’m a sucker for bad grammar:

    “violence erupt for know real reason”

    It should be “no real reason”

    But I totally agree with your comments and especially about the random acts of violence that seem contrived and just because without them Loeb thinks that readers will get bored.

    Ultimates 3 bears no relation to the genius of the first two. Its like watching an American remake of a European movie. Not very recognisable but with more bangs and action

  2. And what a contrast to have a book done by Millar and Hitch out at the same time, to show how bad the Ultimates 3 compared to their version

  3. Having read the FF and Ultimates3 at the same time really drove home how poorly the Ultimates are being handled and just how talented the Millar & Hitch team is. I think my next course of action is to call Marvel have my Ultimates subscription switched to the Fantastic Four, if that’s possible.

    Their subscription department isn’t the greatest. Because my son subscribes to Marvel Adventure Spider-man, now all subscriptions are coming in his name.

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