DC Universe Classics: Mattel Knocks One Out of the Park

I’ve had a chance to pick up a couple of figures in Mattel’s DC Universe Classics figure line. This is a restart of their DC Superheroes line of figures which was previously limited to the Batman and Superman characters and rogues gallery. This new line of figures opens the doors to the entire DC Comic Universe of characters. I was a fan of the sculpting, models and final figures produced for the previous line. I was just turned off by the limitations of the figures.

The first series for the new line includes, Classic Batman, Etrigan – The Demon, The Penguin, Red Tornado, the New God – Orion and with each of these figures is a piece that allows you to build a 6th Metamorpho figure. This follows in the growing tradition set by Toy Biz and Hasbro for their superhero lines.

demon.jpgThe Four Horsemen designed these figures has they have past lines for Mattel, including the Masters of the Universe and DC Superheroes. The high level of design continues with this series. There is the right amount of articulation for posing and the quality of materials and construction keeps these figures from getting too loose too quickly. I’ve picked up Batman and The Demon, since they are favorite characters of mine. I might pick up the others just to build Metamorpho (another fav). Buy 5 figures for a 6th is a shorter trip then the 8 figures needed for the Hasbro Marvel Legends BAF.

I’ve seen these figures at TARGET and Toys R’ Us. They look cool on your desk. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I wish toys were this well done when I was a kid.


2 thoughts on “DC Universe Classics: Mattel Knocks One Out of the Park

  1. I love Mattel’s DC action figure line as well. Unfortunately distribution in the DC Metro area is pretty poor, I haven’t seen either series 2 or 3 in this area at all. I don’t know why Mattel can never seem to get their action figure lines to the store shelves around here.

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