Happy New Year

Ah the holiday season is over and I’m once again back at work. My in-laws have left and my life is getting back into a normal schedule. I hope my few readers had a great Christmas and New Years. I had a solid Christmas, with some good times and cool gifts.

Top of the lists for my gifts was a Nintendo DS Lite, the red/black version. I’ve been a long time fan of the Nintendo DS, I was an earlier adopter who had the fat, silver original. The old DS still works, but I was getting major envy looking at the bright screens and convenient size of the DS Lites owned by my brother and sister. So now I’m up to date and current. I also received, Pokemon Diamond and Lunar Knights. I’m currently addicted to Pokemon Diamond, something I never thought I’d say let along type in my blog.

514fr0agtyl_aa240_.jpgAs for comic books, I got a great graphic novel called Stagger Lee (Image Comics). This book,, written by Derek McCulloch and drawn by Shepherd Hendrix, explores the legends, music and myths that came from the murder of Billy Lyons at the hands of Lee Shelton on Christmas Eve in St. Louis, 1895. I’ve got a few of the Stagger Lee/Staggolee/Stacker Lee songs(specifically the Lloyd Price version from the 50’s and “Wrong’ Em Boyo” by The Clash) that are among my favs so I’ve always wanted to know more about the origins of the differing songs immortalizing this one incident. This book does a great job, relating the actual history of behind the real men, the context of the murder in 1895 Missouri, and overall the origins and differences in the songs and poems written about the crime. Just an awesome read. One I can recommend to anyone with an interest in American history or enjoys crime stories. Thanks to Fred and Heather for sending this one my way.

51pp9esppyl_aa240_.jpgI also found Volumes 2 and 3 of the Batman Chronicles (DC Comics) under the tree on Christmas morning. This series of trade paperbacks reprints the entire archive of Batman stories in chronological order. These Batman stories from the Golden Age are a lot of fun. The light nature of the late 40’s and 50’s hasn’t crept into the books yet. The Joker is a menacing threat, the stories can be a bit dark and the violence is occasionally unreal, Batman sometimes ends up killing or crippling his foes. We also get the introduction of classic villains like Clayface and Catwoman in these volumes. Great stuff, loads of stories are crammed into these books, and they are in full color! Any true Batman fans will want to collect these early stories. This is a great way to read them.


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