Comic Book News Wrap – Issue 9

Scud the Disposable Assassin Saga Finally Concludes

It only took a decade for the ending of this story. Rob Schrab and Image Comics are bringing the 4 part conclusion to Scud’s story to print. My bro had the chance to meet Rob Schrab at the Philadelphia Comicfest in 1993 just when Scud was starting. He got hooked on the book and I read his copies when he was done with them. I’m glad to see this character getting a conclusion to his story. The books were funny, the art style was crazy and dynamic, it was cool stuff. Especially when you consider the fact that 1993 was the height of hologram covers, platinum/gold foil editions, and any other kind of gimmick used to often paint up a pig. These Scud comics were primitive, simple and damn cool.

Rob Schrab Concludes the “Scud” SagaPress Release via Comic Book Resources

Serenity: Better Days Mini-Series Coming March 2008

Looks like Joss Whedon has written up another Serenity story that will told a three part mini-series titled Better Days, starting in March 2008. The first mini series that came out a couple years ago was enjoyable, and Dark Horse is an old pro at producing quality comic books based off of licensed materials. I’m looking forward to this, I’ll probably hold out and wait for the trade paperback. For those of you who like to collect the originals, then you can pre-order the series from retailers like

One thought on “Comic Book News Wrap – Issue 9

  1. Shocker Toys sends SCUD the disposable assassin to New York City!

    March 2008 – NY – Comic-Con returns to New York April 18-20th and Shocker Toys LLP will be in full force at Booth# 962 with new product showcasing and bringing a show exclusive to the event.

    Very pleased will be the fans of Rob Schrab’s Scud, Shocker Toys LLP will have on hand SCUD the Disposable Assassin. SCUD comes from a world in which you can buy intelligent robots out of vending machines which destroy a specified target and then self-destruct. Scud, an average Heart Breaker Series 1373 model on his first mission is sent to destroy Jeff, a rampaging female mutant with mousetraps for hands, an electrical plug for a head, and a squid for a belt. During his first mission, Scud glances in a mirror and sees the warning label on his back explaining how he will explode upon completion of his mission. Realizing that he doesn’t want to explode, Scud wounds Jeff then takes her to a hospital placing her on life support ensuring their mutual survival. Scud’s begins a career as a freelance assassin working to pay off Jeff’s medical bills. SCUD comes with a bulls-eye base and his two 11mm guns. This is a limited edition figure with only 400 pieces produced.

    Also on hand will be the unveiling of Indie Spotlight Series 2 which will consist of Dick Tracy, Zombie King (Deadworld), Jack the lantern, Ignacia (Wildguard) and The Tick. Indie Spotlight is a new action figure series from Shocker Toys presenting independent comic book characters in 6-7” super poseable figure form. Series 1 features (Jim Valentino’s ShadowHawk, Rob Schrab’s Scud the disposable assassin, Terry Moore’s Katchoo of ‘Strangers in Paradise’, David Mack’s Kabuki and MTV’s The Maxx 8”. th3rdworld Studios, producers of Eskimo Dave and the designers of the Indie Spotlight logo and packaging will be at the Shocker Booth all week.

    The SCUD figure will be Available at NY Comic Con (4/18-20, 2008) and on Shocker for pre-order for attendees and non-attendees, while supplies last (limited to 400pcs).

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