Baltimore Comic Con 2007 – Mondo Marvel Panel & Meeting Don Rosa

Today my brother and I had a chance to drive-up 1-95 to Baltimore for the Comic Con. It’d been a few years since I’d last attended this convention. It has definitely grown. A very impressive show with a great showing by exhibitors, talent and publishers. We had a great time, a much better time then we expected. After the press of the crowds and the pressure of time management that came with the San Diego con, there was something relaxing and enjoyable about a smaller scale comic book focused, comic con. San Diego is a blast and I can’t wait to do it again, but these other cons definitely serve a purpose as well. It’s cool to have experienced both cons this year.

Mondo Marvel Panel

We attended the Marvel panel held by editors Tom Brevoort and C.B. Cebulski, and artist Barry Kitson. A good question and answer session. Answers were closely guarded so as not to give away anything huge. So no they didn’t tell us when Captain America is coming back or if Jessica Jones baby is a Skrull or not. They did give up to fans of the Ultraversal series and the Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine series. Both are on tap to continue once the creators are able to catch up to finish either the series.

Don Rosa

A lot of artist came out to Baltimore which I was glad to see. One artist I was particularly happy to see was Don Rosa, on of the top Uncle Scrooge comic illustrators/writers. I gave a glowing review of this Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck a few years back. His artwork and storytelling is a big reason I still buy some of the Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge comics. We got a chance to talk with Don a bit and signed and sketched in my copy of the Life and Times of Uncle Scrooge companion. He’s a great guy to meet, very friendly and well worth waiting in line to meet him. Part of what was cool was just watching him do sketches for people, seeing familiar characters from the comic books take shape. For those who aren’t familiar with Don’s work, the Disney comics that he writes and draws are published via Gemstone Comics in the USA. Any fan of the old Ducktales weekday afternoon cartoon, will love the adventure and humor presented in the Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge comics.

In all it was a great Saturday in Baltimore. This convention is definitely worth checking out, its legit and its getting bigger every year. Talking with some of the dealers, the crowd on Saturday was the best they’d had ever at this event. Some were talking about going back to their stores to bring more inventory to the show! The exhibitors and dealers really brought some great bargains. Books, statues, toys all at really impressive show discounts. I’ll be better prepared next year that is for certain.

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