Comic Coloring using Photoshop – Tutorial

I found a decent and very basic tutorial today that helped me out with a few things in my coloring. I’ll admit, my digital coloring skills are non-existent, so even though this page was a help to me it probably won’t give much insight for colorists. I still thought I’d post it for other rank amateur colorist like myself. This was put together by Nick Smith.

Comic book / graphic novel digital coloring tutorial


5 thoughts on “Comic Coloring using Photoshop – Tutorial

  1. very cool, definitely useful, I think my first course of action will be to hand color and scan, the example of the Hulk looks very manufactured….but useful info, thanks…

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one to find it useful. I tried the technique on a couple of my black and white sketches, definitely a time saver over my past fumblings.

  3. The philosophy on Photoshop is that you never really master it. Its such a deep program that is forever changing with each update. I’ve been using it since Version 2.5 for photoediting, but I’ve had to learn to use it a completely different way for digital coloring.

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