‘Stardust’ Director Slated to Helm Thor Film

According to Variety Matthew Vaughn, the director of ‘Stardust’ which opened today, will be directing the upcoming Thor movie for Marvel. Vaughn had originally been the director to replace Bryan Singer on the X-Men film franchise, but he had to bow out. From what I’ve seen of Stardust and how pleased folks seem to be about the flick, he seems to be a good selection for Thor. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of story we’ll see about the title character in this film since there have been so many different “era” of Thor. The Marvel films have been hit or miss with me, more miss then hit despite their financial successes. I was a fan of Ang Lee before the whole Hulk fiasco, so I’m not going to get excited just by the director being named for Thor. I’ll be keeping a close eye on developments with this film, even though I’m so distracted by the awesome looking Iron Man and Batman stuff I find.

Matthew Vaughn to direct ‘Thor’ Variety, Michael Fleming

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