Comic Book News Wrap – Issue 6

DC Comics Mixing it Up Online

DC is looking to get into the web comics business. Anything that makes comic book stories more accessible to the masses is a great idea to me. I’m actually surprised it took DC this long. With their ownership by Warner Bros. they have an advantage over any other comic book company, including Marvel. Warner Bros. depends on DC for keeping it’s valuable character’s alive which keeps the licenses healthy. There isn’t the same pressure to profit that other publishers work under. DC has a long history of finding talented folks and I’m hoping this venture will attract a high quality of new creators, as they hope it will.

Big Boys Enter the Web comics arenaAndrew Hiltzik, Los Angeles Tribune

Sexism in Comics, Prevalent Topic this Week

In regards to superhero comics, there is still along way to go… really far to go toward presenting women fairly. This is nothing new. But there are so many other comic books out there, that portray women more accurately and favorably. They unfortunately don’t get the marketing support or the big publishing companies behind them, but they are out there. The industry should never be judged by just the superhero comics. Many of the most talented writers and artists in the industry do their best works outside of the typical superhero genre. Superhero comics pay the bills.

Supergirls Gone Wild: Gender Bias in Comics Shortchanges SuperwomenCharlie Anders, Mother Jones
Superheroes need rescuing from sexismNed Beauman, Guardian Unlimited: Art Blog

San Diego Comic Con International Coverage

Plenty of wrap up coverage of the big convention last week:

San Diego Hosts 2007 Comic-ConDaniel Kuo, Canyon News


Comic Con: Geeks, Spocks, SupermenJeremy Kay,

At Comic Con, geek is chicRandy Dotinga, Christian Science Monitor

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