Revenge of the Wintry Mix

Hey there gentle readers. December and specifically the Christmas & New Years holiday season is always a busy one for me. In addition to prepping the house for the eminent arrival of our son next year my Lady and I had to prep the house for the holiday visit of my in-laws. I love and actually like my in-laws, so that isn’t a problem. I get along with them just fine. It’s just a different kind of cleaning necessary for visitors then it is from organizing the house for the kid. We kind of had to shift gears getting the place ready for the holidays. Having a housekeeping service go through the place this week reduced our workload considerably.

It’s a good thing we had that service come through on Tuesday, because surprise surprise, my in-laws arrived 3 days early! Ah yes, my life is full of such pleasant surprises. It’s what keeps me getting out of bed everyday 🙂

Along with my in-laws came another round of fantastic winter weather. Winter has come early to the DC metro, this already our 2nd winter storm and are only in the middle of December. Today with two weather system colliding it doesn’t seem like the sky can figure out what it wants to do. We’ve got a mix of snow, rain and sleet all coming down at one time or another all day today.

What always makes it worse around here is the fact that no one around here knows how to drive in the weather. Some find the whole issue of driving in inclement weather so overwhelming that they quite literally abandon their vehicles on the side of the road around here. It’s just crazy. Heaven forbid the ice or wind knocks out the power to traffic signals, because the concept of a four way stop is totally lost on the morons around here. Perhaps if people actually used their headlights when driving in this weather they’d notice the traffic signals weren’t working.

I’m very thankful that I have a short commute with my current job. So my exposure to this weather induced chaos is minimal. But honestly people if any Washingtonians read this, don’t buy into the panic. Just remain cool, drive like you have sense and everything will be fine.


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