This is just seems to be my year for rock shows. A couple months ago I had the privilege of seeing my sister’s band, Glitch. And last night I had the opportunity to see the Foo Fighters in Washington, DC at the Nightclub 9:30(or the 9:30 Club which is what everyone I know calls the place) This was a very short notice, secret, show for the fans that was announced only via e-mail. My wife with her nimble web browsing abilities swiftly surfed to the club’s site at the magic hour and scored two of these golden tickets. My brother also got in, so we all met outside of the club and hung out before the show. Made for a good evening.

The Foo Fighters were in great form last night. Dave Grohl, for those who don’t know, grew up in the DC Metro area so this was a really a special hometown concert for him. It was reflected in the way he and band played. They really were just having fun up on the stage, they totally abandoned the set list they’d been playing on their current “In Your Honor” tour with Weezer. Since they had more time then the alotted 120 minutes allowed them on tour they stretched back into the archives playing songs they haven’t played live in years. Fantastic renditions of Monkeywrench, Everlong, My Hero, Best of You and just about any fan favorite song from their past and present albums.

It was one of the best rock shows I’d ever been to. This isn’t one where they band just phoned it in, they genuinely enjoyed playing in the club as opposed to the large stadium venues they’ve been playing on their tour. Plus the 9:30 club has to be the best place to have a show. The sound system is incredible and the club staff was fantastic. It really made for a fantastic evening.

Going to a Sunday show made getting out of bed this morning for work a little tough and my hearing still hasn’t completely returned…but it was soooo worth it! Here is my bro’s recap of the evening, fills in many details that I left out

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