Nintendo Dropping Price on DS

Looks like Nintendo is going to put this price down to $129.99 effective Aug. 21st. That’s pretty cool, hopefully it will inspire more folks to buy the little gizmo. It’s a good deal for anyone considering a handheld game console. It has a decent game library to choose from when you take into the consideration all of the GBA games in addition to the growing selection of DS titles.

Personally I enjoy my DS a great deal. Meteos being one of my favorite DS games and playing Final Fantasy Tactics GBA while on the go is fun as well. With Nintendogs coming along next week the DS title line-up continues to strengthen. The touch screen offers some fun gameplay when used correctly by developers…and frustrating when game designers just cram touchscreen usage into a game where it isn’t appropriate.

What I can’t stand is the PSP versus DS debates and articles out there. I really don’t see the two as competition. They are different consoles with different goals. I don’t see why it has to be one or another, both can co-exist without any problem in my opinion. I’ve played on both and I enjoy them both. I can see the strengths and weaknesses in both, and both have some great exclusive game titles. When the PSP came out the amount of traded-in used DS’s in my local Gamestops tripled. I thought that was crazy, since neither system has really come into its own yet.


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